Kenzico Bunji/Blooming Gel

Kenzico Bunji/Blooming Gel
Now you can achieve any water-colour effect, marble, flower design nails with ease.

Can be used over any gel polish colours.


  • Apply your Gel Base Coat - cure
  • Apply your desired Gel Colour Coat - cure
  • Apply Bunji Gel - DO NOT CURE
  • Apply Colour Gel to achieve desired effect - cure
  • Finish with your Gel Top Coat - cure 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Kenzico gel colours being so highly pigmented and a thicker consistency gel range, we recommend applying on a palette plenty of Bunji Base, then add your gel colour and mix.  Then place the colour into your uncured Bunji Base on the nail and wait for it to spread.  If it has not spread then you will need to keep adding more Bunji Base until you get your desired effect.