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  • Kenzico Brush Liner Short #301
    Kenzico Nail Art Brush Short Liner perfect for fine intricate nail art designs.
  • Kenzico Brush Liner Medium #302
    Kenzico Liner Medium perfect for doing fine lines and swirls and intricate work
  • Kenzico Brush Liner Long #303
    Kenzico Long Liner nail art brush is perfect for doing long fine straight lines.
  • Kenzico Brush Square #406
    Kenzico Gel Brush square is perfect for defining hard gel application or for one stroke application.
  • Kenzico Gel Brush Round #508
    Kenzico Gel Brush round is perfect for applying any gel polish or PolyGel application.
  • Kenzico Gel Brush Design Art #602
    Kenzico Gel Brush Design Art is perfect for doing 3D work with Carve Gel or Acrylic also for using with gel paints to create beautiful flowers.
  • Kenzico Gel Brush Angled #603
    Kenzico Gel Brush angled is perfect for defining your smile lines or for one stroke application.
  • Kenzico Brush Set with Pouch
    Kenzico brush set includes 9 different crystal art brushes, including Gel Brush, Angled, Oval & Square, Short, Medium, Long Liner, 3 x Design Art and brush pouch.

    NOTE: Not all items pictured come in the case.
  • Kenzico Hologram Powder
    Kenzico Hologram powder. Superior high quality fine holo powder to go over any gel polish colour.
  • Kenzico LED/UV Lamp 2200
    Kenizco LED/UV Lamp

    Double light source (365+405nm) LEDs to cure UV Gel/Builder/LED.
    50,000 hours of use
    48 watts power
    Out of stock
  • Kenzico Nail File 100 grit
    Kenzico washable nail file 100/100 grit designed for removing product before soaking and also can be used to remove rough dry skin before a pedicure.
  • Kenzico Nail File 150 grit
    Kenzico washable nail file 150/150 grit designed for shaping the artificial nail and shaping plastic nail tips.
  • Kenzico Nail File 180 grit
    Kenzico washable nail file 180/180 grit designed for filing the top of acrylic nails to smooth and also can be used to prep the natural nail.
  • Kenzico Nail File 240 grit
    Kenzico washable nail file 240/240 grit wooden file designed for shaping the natural nails.
  • Kenzico Embo Powder
    Kenzico Embo Powder is designed to be mixed into any gel polish colour to make the gel polish in a 2D or 3D gel that can then be moulded and used to create that embossed look, 3D hearts, bows... anything that you desire.
  • Kenzico Sugar Powder
    Kenzic Sugar powder is a superior fine art powder designed to be used with any gel polish colour