Prep, Primer, Cleansers, Top, Base & Oil

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  • Trinity Ultrabond
    Trinity Beauty Ultrabond with Anti-fungal protection is designed to dehydrate and remove excess oils from the natural nail plate before your Primer application.
  • Trinity Beauty Primer
    Trinity Beauty Primer removes oils and contaminants hidden below the surface of the nail plate for unmatched adhesion. Essential for clients susceptible to lifting.
  • Trinity Cuticle Oil
    Trinity Cuticle Oil contains Vitamin E, designed to penetrate and protect skin and nails. Trinity Cuticle Oil is perfect for moisturising dry cuticle area around the nail. It's moisturises penetrate deep into the skin for healthy growing natural nails.
  • Trinity Gel Base Coat
    Trinity Beauty Soak Off Gel Base Coat cures in both LED and UV lamps. Can be used with both Trinity Soak of Gel Polish and Trinity Soak off Glitter gels.
  • Trinity Gel Top Coat
    Trinity Beauty Gel Top Coat in a non wipe top coat with a superior shine. Gel polish top coat cures in both LED and UV lamps.

    30 Seconds LED - 2 minute UV