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Our full product range of Kenzico and Nail Perfect is currently being shipped throughout AUSTRALIA! 

NOTE: some items cannot be shipped due to being dangerous goods, all orders are shipped by International or DHL Courier direct to your door! 


Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click on the SIGN UP tab at the top to fill out the wholesale account form. Proof of industry qualification may be required. 

Kenzico is a high quality professional range of Gel Polish, Gel Paints and accessories based in South Korea. Their products are made from 100% Cosmetic Materials, 14 FREE Harmful Ingredients, Easy Soak Off, Ultimate Durability and High Gloss Shine.  
  • Gel Polish Colours
    All your Kenzico favourite colours including collection packs and individual bottles...
  • Gel Polish Glitters
    Kenzico has an amazing range of Glitter Polishes
  • Gel Polish Cats Eye
    Kenzico Gel Polish Cats Eye gel polish are designed to be used with a magnet.
  • Kenzico Syrup Gels
    Kenzico Syrups are a range of more transparent gel colours. These are great for base colours to then add any nail art medium to or you can add 2 or 3 layers for a darker colour.
  • Kenzico Mink, Stone Gels
    Kenzico's range of Mink gels have a fur look to them and these look great with a matte top coat, also the stone chip marble look gels are fabulous as a background colour.
  • Soak Off Builder Gels & Gel Paint
    Kenzico has a great range of soak off builder gels in a bottle to add strength to the natural nail and can be soaked off. Gel paint comes in 4 colours and is perfect for nail art to create fine lines.
  • Top, Base Coats and Treatments
    Kenzico have a range of Cleanse and Non-Cleanse Top Coats, Matte Top Coats, Ultra Base Coats and more...
  • Alcohol Ink/Drop Colour
    Kenzico Alcohol Ink/Drop Colour can be used for creating marble effect nails. Can be used on your inhibition layer or on top of your cured top coat to give you a different effect.
  • Brushes, Files, Glitters, Sugar Powders...
    Kenzico superior quality Nail Art brushes made in Japan includes Gel Brushes, Liner Brushes, Sculpting Brushes and a selection of quality Nail Files and nail art products...