• Kenzico Collections
    Kenzico have a fabulous range of collections available including the Falling in Coral, Vivid Fit, Navy Peony, Secret Coco and many more...
  • Kenzico Colours
    All of your favourite Kenzico Collections are also available as individual bottles.
  • Kenzico Glitters
    All your favourite Kenzico Glitter Collections are available as individual bottles.
  • Kenzico Cats Eye
    Kenzico Cat Eye range is designed to be used with a magnet to give you the cats eye effect.
  • Kenzico Top, Base & Treatments
    Kenzico have a range of Non-Wipe Top Coats including Matte, Base and Blooming/Bunji Gel Base.
  • Kenzico Drop Colour
    Kenzico Drop colour otherwise known as alcohol ink to create an endless possibilities of nail art.
  • Kenzico Soak Off Builder & Gel Paint
    Kenzico Builder in a Bottle includes 3 colours and a highly pigmented gel paint in 4 colours to create the finest of lines.
  • Kenzico Files, Brushes and misc...
    Kenzico have a great range of Nail Art brushes, Nail Files and also their sugar and embo powder.